Why Breast Exams are Important

In the battle against breast cancer, early detection is key, and clinical breast exams are a crucial weapon. Doctors examine the breasts for any lumps or other unusual changes. Often breast exams are a routine part of a gynecological exam.

Mammograms are another breast exam that can help catch cancer in its early stages. An x-ray of the breast is taken, which the doctor looks over, checking for lumps or other abnormal growths. Studies have shown that in women ages 40 to 70, regular mammograms can reduce breast cancer mortality by as much as 20%.

Get Regular Breast Exams

It is recommended that women in their 20s and 30s receive a clinical breast exams every one to three years. After age 40, they should get an exam annually. Also, mammograms are recommended every one to two years for women over the age of 40.