What Causes Painful Intercourse?

Painful intercourse brings more than just physical pain. It can bring unwanted stress into a relationship. Because of the intimate nature of the condition, it can also bring emotional strife. Because these effects can ruin a relationship, it is important to deal with painful intercourse as swiftly as possible.

Many cases of painful intercourse are caused by insufficient vaginal lubrication. This may be corrected by making the woman feel more comfortable and relaxed, increasing the duration of foreplay, and using a lubricant.

Other causes of painful intercourse include involuntary vaginal muscle spasms, vaginal infections, endometriosis, menopause, and sex too soon after childbirth. Many times, painful intercourse can be easily treated. For example, it’s recommended the women wait six weeks after giving birth to engage in sex. If painful intercourse is caused by menopause, estrogen creams or other medications can help. If you’re experiencing bleeding, irregular periods, vaginal discharge, or involuntary muscle contractions, see your doctor.