Why Sports Physics?

30 million children and teens play sports in the U.S. It’s recommended that all children receive a preparticipation physical examination before beginning playing an organized sport.

A sports physical is a great opportunity to review your child’s medical history, identify possible undetected health problems, and maximize safe participation. It also gives doctors a chance to ensure anything previous injuries have sufficiently healed. It gives the doctor a chance to discuss injury prevention, and healthy nutritional approaches with students and parents.

Sports physicals are also important because they may be the only contact a child or teen has with a medical professional all year. During the examination, your kid’s doctor may:

  • Check his/her immunizations status
  • Review history of weight gain or loss, asthma, and family history of serious illness
  • Review history of past conditions, like fractures, concussions, or heat illness
  • Check allergies
  • Evaluate lungs, blood pressure, height, weight, vision, heart, abdomen, genitals, and musculoskeletal system.

A sports physical should ideally come six to eight weeks before the start of practices.