Northstar Healthcare treats families

It is very important to us at Northstar Healthcare that our patients receive the best possible treatment they can find anywhere. We treat each person that enters our office as if they were a family member. But don’t take our word for it; here are some testimonials that we have received over the years from some of our patients. We invite you to let us know how we are doing, and if you have any feedback for how we can improve, please let us know by filling out our form.

Gary & Laura Johnston

We moved to Idaho Falls from N. California in 2005. Not knowing anyone here, and needing to find ourselves a new Doctor, we were very blessed to discover Laura Mason here in our little town, and delighted to see that she is a Nurse Practitioner. My husband & I had been seeing a Nurse Practitioner in California, and found her to always be so caring & on top of it all.

Laura Mason, N.P., is off the charts!!! Whether it is time for our yearly exams, or an unexpected illness, she & Darcy,(her excellent Nurse), always go the extra mile. We have never had any Doctor, before meeting Laura, spend at least 30 minutes with us, and ask us sincere questions regarding how we are feeling. That is what we get at every appointment.

After 8 years, she still treats us like we matter, and whenever we have needed a Specialist, she has always found us just the right Doctor. Whether it be a Surgeon for Gallbladder surgery, a Dermatologist for skin cancer, a referral or suggestion of an Optometrist, she & Darcy have never let us down.

Over the period of years we have met many people, and we continue to suggest to our friends, that they should experience how a true Medical Professional treats their patients, and go & see Laura Mason for what is ailing them. We know they will never accept what they thought was great medical care before, and enjoy how well you are treated and cared for when you see Laura Mason, N.P.

The office is so convenient, here in town, and always clean & friendly, and prompt.

We love and appreciate the care we always get, whenever we need anything, and look forward to knowing Laura Mason and her staff, for a very long time.

Idaho Falls is a great town to live in, and we are fortunate to have such a special person working here, who cares so much about us, and our well being…

Leanne Medema

Laura Mason was recommended to me by a friend who was experiencing the same annoying, female, age-related symptoms that I was having. Laura recommended testing and treatment options my previous MD had never mentioned; with her guidance, my symptoms subsided. Laura’s thoroughness, demeanor and knowledge led me to rely on her for my entire health care. It helped that the Northstar Healthcare staff is as pleasant and efficient as Laura.

When I suggested to my husband that he see Laura for his annual exam, he was quite dubious about switching from a family physician to a family nurse practitioner. After his first appointment with Laura, he told me, “You’re right. She is very knowledgeable.”

Laura continues to be our primary health care professional. We were further reminded that Laura and her staff are taking good care of us when a cardiologist told my husband, “Keep doing what you’ve been doing,” and an oncologist told me, “Laura is so smart! She caught this early.” There is no “white coat” syndrome when we go to Northstar Healthcare; we’re comfortable, like being with friends.

Faye Powell

I have been seeing Laura Mason since she first started Northstar Healthcare.
It just made sense to go to someone that could get you in without waiting for weeks, do a thorough exam when needed, order all of your lab work, and when needed have you in to see a specialist without a long wait. More important for me, is she was one of the few offices in Idaho Falls to do Bio-identical Hormone Treatment. When first seeing her, I had every symptom possible for menopause, and was miserable! I was also gaining weight while I was watching my diet and exercising. A Doctor’s first form of treatment is to put you on a pill for depression. Laura first did a thorough lab work up to make sure there wasn’t an underlying problem. When my hormone levels came back it was amazing that I was even functional! It took awhile to get my levels at therapeutic levels, but she was very patient, listened each time I went in to the symptoms I was still having, and made adjustments until I now feel like I am living a normal, healthy life.

When I hear women talking about how tired they are, or no matter how hard they try they can’t lose weight, or they have “foggy thinking”, I never hesitate to tell them to go see Laura and have her check their hormone levels.

She is so good and sympathetic with people, I didn’t hesitate to send my teenage daughter to her when she was having stomach problems. It was the perfect place to start to get her initial workup and decrease the anxiety she was having.

I would and have recommended Laura to all women who need their yearly checkups and exams, and especially anyone that is having menopausal symptoms! If she finds any problems she doesn’t hesitate to make sure you get in to see the right specialist that is needed to treat you, and they are always impressed by the thorough workup she has done before they see you so they can start treatment right away.

Tom and Cinda Hammond

Laura is much more than our primary caretaker; she has become our friend caring for all of our family. Tom, Stacy and I know when we go to her office that she will take the time to investigate all that is going on and with her knowledge we walk away knowing that we have had the best care possible. Through many life challenges Laura personally calls just to check to make sure all is well because she cares, we are not “just a patient”. Because of Laura’s example, our daughter Stacy is entering the Master NP program. She has seen first hand an example of caring for the whole person and not just how many patients can be seen in a day. This is the highest compliment we can give her. Thank you Laura and your wonderful staff who support you!


Kate Roth has completely changed my life. I met Kate in November of last year when my mom passed away. I was on the verge of a nervous mental breakdown. Kate was there to listen to me without judgment and to help through the second hardest thing in my life. A couple of months later I came back for some more help.

Again I saw Kate. Boy am I glad I did. I was a walking time bomb. I weighed 382 lbs. and had blood pressure of 200/130. I was a stroke waiting to happen. Kate flat out told me if I didn’t change I was going to die. She helped me make life-saving changes in my diet and incorporate exercise into my daily routine, as well. Together we have brought my blood pressure down to 130/69 and I’m very proud to say that I have lost 60 lbs. and now weigh 322.

I know that I still have a long way to go and a lot of hard work but if it wasn’t for the amazing Kate Roth literally saving my life I wouldn’t be here to tell you my story. Thank you guys from the bottom of my thankfully still breathing heart.

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